TrueJaw Implant Maxilla

Part Number: 5913120


TrueJaw – Implant model is created for clinicians desiring skill mastery of implant surgical and restorative procedures.  Five edentulous sites that allow flapped or flapless implant placement while nine TrueTooth 3D printed teeth are designed with replicate periodontal ligaments for extractions, bone grafting, and suturing procedures, or extractions with immediate implant exercises.


TrueJaw – Implant is a maxilla arch with D1 and D2 bone.  The maxilla arch features sinus floor replication with schneiderian membrane for crestal-approach sinus lifts.


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TrueJaw 3D printed replicas are true reproductions of human jaw anatomy.  TrueJaw models have life-like structure, texture, and performance, providing a fully authentic experience of working with real human anatomy–not possible with antiquated plastic models or pig jaws.  Each TrueJaw model is radio-opaque for accurate 2D and 3D CBCT imaging and is designed with TrueTooth 3D printed teeth–true reproductions of internal and external anatomy of extracted teeth.

Master a full range of educational objectives from endodontic treatment to surgical procedures by repetitive hands-on practice on the controlled anatomy of TrueJaw.  The soft gingiva of TrueJaw can be incised, reflected, and sutured; simulated cortical, trabecular, and medullary bone and elastic periodontal ligaments provide a realistic extraction experience, while lamina dura is present in the remaining root sockets.  Proudly 3D printed in the USA.



TrueJaw – Implant is available in Maxilla.

Base Plates

TrueJaw – Implant is not sold with base plates.  Base plates can be added upon request; however, sinus lift procedures cannot be performed on this model with an added base plate.

If ordering with base plates, please provide articulator brand and model in notes at checkout.

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