Virtual Hands-on Training Kit – Access Part 1

Part Number: 8180801

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Conceived by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the DEL Virtual Hands-On Course Kits are designed to provide the Clinician comprehensive instructional and learning material for each step in contemporary Minimally Invasive Endodontics; (1) Access, (2) Negotiation and Instrumentation, and (3) Irrigation and Obturation. True to the innovative mantra of Dental Education Laboratories; this series allows you to train virtually, with state-of-the- art materials, online videos, with the benefit of training in your own operatory with staff. A video training guide link shepherds the protocol.
10 CE credits are available for US customers.
The first kit available is Access. It includes PlanB MIE Burs, Buchanan designed hand instruments, miniKUT Rotary Instruments, a Stropko Irrigator and 3D printed TrueTooth Replicas.


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✓ 10 CE credits, value over $1,500
✓ no travel costs
✓ no lost production time
✓ ability to train staff simultaneously
✓ All the included Access Tools have a retail value of $560

Reorder the kit components:

1 – PlanB MIE Bur Kit

1 – miniKUT Orifice Shaper 15.07/17mm 6 pack

18 – TrueTrue Replicas of every tooth

1 – Buchanan Double-Ended Explorer/DG16

1 – Buchanan Double-Ended Explore with Bent Ends/DG16BE

1 – Stopko 2″ Irrigator with Tips

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