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all miniKUT Files, GP and PP
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Shape Matters

Only miniKUT optimizes the cross section of the file depending on the application

All size 15 instruments have 4 Blades

Size 15 is the narrowest of miniKUT Files. A generous core ensures strength while 4 Flutes are ideal for navigating tight spaces.

All Shaping Files have 2 Blades

2 Blades maximize chip space while providing running room for extra sharp blades.

All Retreatment Files have 3 Blades

3 Blades are the ideal design to auger out gutta percha while providing core strength to deal with cured sealer material.


PlanB File Portfolio

Rotary NiTi Endodontic Files

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Endodontic Hand Files

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PlanB Obturation

Gutta Percha

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Paper Points

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Buchanan Collection

TFRK Ultrasonics

TFRK ultrasonic tips specially engineered to aid broken instrument removal in a precise manner (Designed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan)

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3D printed replicas are true reproductions of human jaw anatomy.

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3D printed radio-opaque teeth are true anatomic reproductions of extracted teeth.

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Dr. Buchanan Hand Instruments

Signature instruments and curated product collections for simple treatment of complex endodontic procedures.(Designed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan)

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PlanB MIE Burs

A full complement of Endodontic Preparation and Access Burs tailored to preserve tooth structure. (Designed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan)

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Remote Hands-On Training

An educational approach designed to provide comprehensive instructional and learning materials for each step in contemporary Minimally Invasive Endodontics

Remote Hands-on Training


Universal Pre-Cut Articulating Film in convenient 280 strip tubs.

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Why Choose Us

"As the name suggests, our mantra at PlanB Dental is to provide a new approach to endodontic therapy. Does conventional treatment require two appointments to achieve great outcomes? We don’t think so. If you want to get to the apex quickly, safely, efficiently, while preserving tooth structure, and clean and fill these small shapes, we should talk."

Quality & Experience

Innovative Technology

Efficiency and Economy

Patient Care & Friendliness

Our Story

Dr. Marc Kaloustian

(Beirut, Lebanon)

"I like the great ability of miniKUT files to shape quickly, safely, in a conservative way, narrow long canals with the perfect respect of the original anatomy."

miniKUT EZP was used at 800 rpm directly without any prior use of handfiles after decay removal, access cavity preparation and orifice location. The working length was established with a 31 mm number 10 K file. miniKUT OS 15/07 at 800 rpm was then used to relocate the canals in the coronal third prior to the final shaping. miniKUT 25/05 was finally used at 800 rpm, until the apical foramen and the corresponding gutta-percha cone was adapted to the canal and cone fit performed. Canals were filled with the continuous wave technique.

Treatment of an upper second left molar with a deeply distal decay and pulp exposure. Patient was suffering from spontaneous pain increased at night. A diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis was established and a root canal treatment was performed in a single session. All canals were challenging because they were very narrow and long (23 to 25 mm) especially the mesio-buccal and disto-buccal canals. The disto buccal canal had also a small apical abrupt curvature.


LiveEndo by Buchanan: #15 RCT

LiveEndo: Upper Molar RCT

LiveEndo by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan


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