miniKUT EZP Rotary NiTi Negotiating Endodontic Files

(Pack of 6)


The miniKUT EZP Rotary NiTi Negotiating Endodontic Files embody the convergence of advanced machining and heat treatment technologies with the minimal preparation outcomes desired by clinicians worldwide. Unique in its toughness, sharpness, and resistance to cyclic fatigue, while offering the clinician the ability to pre-bend, miniKUT EZP is the ideal rotary negotiating file to treat torturously curved canals while preserving natural anatomy. The 15/.05 Dynamic Tip is an excellent feature for retreatment cases that present with apical blockages. Available in 6 pack refills, choose from 2 tapers (.03, .05), 1 tip size (15), and 3 lengths (21mm, 25mm, and 31mm). Stoppers and 1 handle band are color coded to designate taper, the 2nd handle band designates ISO tip.

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Dr. Buchanan’s Article

miniKUT Comparison Chart:

miniKUT Comparison Chart

miniKUT Technique Card:

miniKUT Technique Card

Included in the Pack

6 miniKUT EZP Files


ISO Tip size: 15

Taper: .03 & .05

Stopper/1st Band Color: Yellow and Red

Length: 21mm, 25mm, and 31mm

Handle: Chrome Plated Brass

03 Smart Pilot Tip and 05 Dynamic Tip

Electronic Apex Locator Compatible

Instructions For Use

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