miniKUT MB2 Procedure Pack

Part Number: 1433525

(Pack of 4)



Package Includes
Tip/Taper: .15/.07, 15/.05 (mb2), .15/.03, .15/.05, .25/.05, .35/.05. Length: 17mm & 25 mm


MB2 Pack:

The miniKUT MB2 Procedure Pack is dedicated to rotary negotiation of small molar canals. Only 17mm in length with a Dynamic Tip, the MB2 is perfectly suited for entering these most difficult canals. 

miniKUT Product Brochure

Check out Steve’s quick read article on MIE today:

Dr. Buchanan’s Article

Included in the Pack

1 miniKUT OS (.15/.07/25mm)

1 miniKUT MB2 (.15/.05/17mm)

1 miniKUT EZP (.15/.03/25mm)

1 miniKUT EZP (.15/.05/25mm)


ISO Tip size: .15 

Tapers: .03, .05, and .07

Stopper/1st Band Color: Varies

Length: 17mm and 25mm

Dynamic and Smart Pilot Tip

Handle: Chrome and Black Plated Brass

Electronic Apex Locator Compatible

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