Buchanan Double-Ended Mirror Handle

Part Number: 7451308

$55.00 $46.75

Tired of fumbling between mirrors?  Never able to locate your small or large mirror?  Well, we have solved your problem!  The Double-Ended Mirror Handle is designed to fit cone socket mirror heads on both ends.  But wait there’s more!  You can replace each of the mirror heads after they become worn or broken.  Don’t be the dentist that gets mad at your assistant because they can’t find the correct mirror.  If it’s good enough for Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan (he’s very picky) it is definitely good enough for you! *Mirror Heads Sold Separately


The unique Legacy Collection signature handle is designed by clinicians for clinicians. The handle features large finger grips that optimize clinical comfort and control, the narrow waist enables smooth twirling to quickly flip the instrument with ease, and the concentric rings provide both an enhanced grip for gloved fingertips and simple cleansing of sticky dental materials. Proudly made in the USA.

Technical Info

Fits any cone socket mirror heads.

Recommended: Crystal HD #0 and Crystal HD #3 Mirror Heads.

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